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The music I create!

Genres: Modern classical music, instrumental, folk, experimental.
Musical instruments: Piano, synth, viola, violin, baritone-ukulele, wooden flutes, clarinet, melodica, ocarina, kalimba.
Recording equipments & other info: Read more here - Tricio Johansson Music site


"The change" - song composed by me:

"Midnight stars" - song composed by me:

"A night prelude" ("Ett nattligt preludium") - song composed by me:

"Nearer my God to thee" - cover on viola and piano:

"Tetris" and "Kiss the rain" - covers viola and piano duet:

Ukulele, piano, viola and clarinet samples:

More music will appear here soon.

More music!

Youtube // Bandcamp // Life on 4 strings // ReverbNation

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